“No Heat/Low Heat” Heating Ordinance In Effect in Minneapolis! Temps in apartments must be at least 68 degrees.

Last October the City of Minneapolis adopted two fair and easy-to-follow heating ordinances for landlords to follow.  Rental properties must be kept at 68 degrees between Oct. 1 – May 1.  Temperatures must be kept no lower than 65 degrees for Sept. 15 – Oct. 1 and May 1 – May 15.  (read the actual ordinances here)

So, if you are wearing a jacket in your apartment, follow these steps to get your heat turned on:

  1. Check your apartment temperature with a thermostat.
  2. If your apartment temperature is below 68 degrees, call your landlord and ask him to turn the heat your apartment to the legal temperature of 68 degrees.
  3. If no action is taken by your landlord within 24 hours, dial 311 on your phone and let them know that your landlord refuses to turn on the heat in your apartment.

Please leave questions in the area below or contact your city councilmember.

Download the flyer:  PDF and/or Word

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